Daily Method of Operation – Simple and Fun

Daily Method Of Operation
Daily Method Of Operation

What is a daily method of operation, and why do it?

Your daily method of operation is your daily plan to help you succeed in your business. It outlines the tasks you need to do each day to succeed. Whether you like them or not!

Benjamin Franklin once said:

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

Planning ranges from long term to short term. This blog focuses on your daily steps, especially if you are starting and have no money.

Daily method of operation in affiliate marketing.

In any business, no matter how good you are or how good the product is, you need exposure to make money. The adage of time vs money comes in to play here. If you have money, you can pay for marketing and advertising. But if you do not, you will need to spend daily time on marketing. If you have ever been in sales or marketing, you know that consistency is the key to building steady business over time. Consistency at the right activities that is!

For my affiliate marketing business, there are 3 ways to gain exposure:

  • Paid for traffic (Social media advertising)
  • Organic growth (SEO, takes time to build income)
  • Online Networking (make money now)

All need DMO.

I play in the last 2 categories because I do not want to spend money on marketing and advertising yet. Organic growth through blogging will drive traffic to my site over time. But if I want to make money now, I need to talk to people! All business is conversation anyway.

Why follow a daily method of operation?

Following a daily method of operation forces you to track what you are doing daily. If the business is not coming in, you can look back at what you have been doing. You will notice what is working and what is not. Tweak the plan and keep at it. Once you are in a groove, you will start to see the benefit. But always remember to start; the DMO does NOT have to be perfect from day 1.

If you feel you struggle to get started, read this blog on Perfection Paralysis.

What things do I track in my Daily Method Of Operation (Example)

By way of example, I am going to share my current daily method of operation. Through previous work done, I know I will find my average customer on Facebook. So, I focus my time here.

What things do I do to bring awareness to me and my product?

Facebook Story

Here, I share a photo from my day, or an interesting quote or comment. Like most of the items below, it shows friends my human side. It helps to grow trust within my friend circles.

Facebook Friends Post and Story Comments

In this item, I read my friend’s posts, and if I can I comment. If I can’t, I’ll share an emoji. This helps to build relationships with my current set of friends.

Facebook Friends Birthdays

A great way to catch up with old friends and colleagues is to wish them a Happy Birthday on Facebook. Sometimes a voice message goes a long way. I do it the day after because everyone does it on that day. It’s a good way to start a conversation. And all business is a conversation.

Facebook Group participation

Join new Facebook groups in areas/hobbies you enjoy. Participate and add value. For example, I am an Aston Villa Football fan. I am on groups and chat with other fans about the game on the weekend. These can lead to friendships and even business relationships if done in the right way.

Facebook Gratitude Post

No one likes a grinch…sure, we all have bad days, don’t let everyone know about it on Facebook. Rather do a post about the thing that is good in your life. This will attract a positive reaction from your friends (market)

Facebook Participation Post

At the end of the day, I like to pose a question. It can be about anything! It’s to get comments and see who’s active and wanting to talk.

Facebook, Add New Connections

If you do not add new people to your friends, eventually you’ll run out of people to talk to. So, build new relationships each day. Add people you have things in common with. (Even if it’s simply friends in common)

Facebook, Chat to Friends

Start are least 10 conversations a day. I use the LORD approach to assist me in conversation. The formula allows me to get conversations started. Chat about Location, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams. Listen to them. If you see an opportunity, let them know what your business does.

Phone your new prospects

From my conversations, I might share my business with others. I get emails and phone numbers. Do the hard things no one else does. Connect via voice! Ask them if they have questions, and simply listen to them.


Business hardly ever happens in one sitting. It can take up to 5 exposures for a prospect to feel comfortable. Only when you have trust and rapport will the business follow. Have a system to remember who to follow up with, and when.


Finally, to build the business to a point where I do less of the one-on-one marketing. I blog 2-3 times a week to generate traffic to my site. This part done over time consistently will start to build a steady stream of traffic to my business.

My Daily method of operation template

This is my template I follow each day. It is a simple excel sheet that I print out each day and track my progress. If the money is not coming in, I look at what I have been doing and tweak.


Although I have talked about how I do this for my business, it can be applied to anything.

I have touched on a lot in the blog. There are probably another 10 articles I can write just from this one. Let me know in the comment below what you want to hear more of.

In the meantime, start with anything consistently, and build on it.

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