How Jarvis.AI Can End Writers Block and Help You Write Better and Faster?

Have you ever found yourself staring at your computer screen wondering what to write? Well, you are not alone! I think everyone has had this experience at some point or another. Maybe you need to write a post for your company’s website. Perhaps you need to write a social media post or advert? Whatever you may need to write, the fact is, sometimes writing is a lot tougher than it sounds! And well, that’s where a little help can go a long way. Artificial intelligence has been gaining momentum over the past decade or more and has started to filter down into our everyday lives. Take social media and search engine algorithms as an example. Intelligent systems are used to deliver intelligent results based on large arrays of data. We see the effect of these systems every day as we interact with these interfaces.

So has AI reached a point where it can write content?

What is Jarvis?

Enter Jarvis! A revolutionary new writing tool using artificial intelligence to help anyone from seasoned writers to beginners. It has the capability to write different types of content based on the inputs that you give it.

Creepy… but true.

The team at has managed to train this AI writer to generate content for various short and long-form content. Give it the right inputs and you can get the kind of content you need. It does require guidance but it can be guided to write some interesting types of content.

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How does Jarvis work?

Jarvis is based on an Artificial Intelligence framework that is capable of learning languages in order to be able to write. The information that Jarvis draws from is sourced from the internet. The company states that Jarvis has read close to 10% of the world’s content from blog posts, Reddit threads, websites, newspapers and much more.

Through the sheer volume of information, Jarvis has consumed, it is able to evaluate how language is used and how to write expressively. Yes, believe it or not, Jarvis can actually express emotions through adjusting the tone of voice he writes in. This allows the content created to be engaging for the reader, quite an astounding achievement.

According to their website, “The base training was completed at the end of 2019. That means Jarvis doesn’t know about current events from January 2020 and beyond. Jarvis doesn’t know COVID-19 happened.”

Even though the AI doesn’t “know” that the pandemic happened, it can still write content based on the inputs you give it to generate relevant content that is based on current affairs.

“While Jarvis may not know about COVID-19 or that the Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championship, he does know vast amounts about coronaviruses, pandemics, Wuhan, SARS, Lebron James, Basketball, The Lakers, and NBA. By feeding Jarvis updated information about the topic you’re writing about, you’ll see Jarvis can typically do a great job of writing about it.”

Why would you need

Writing isn’t for everyone!

In fact, even writers can get writer’s block at times. It happens. It’s a real thing. And this is the very reason why you would want to consider using an AI writing assistant.

You could even use Jarvis for generating ideas or outlines for blog posts, websites, adverts, or other content. In fact according to their website, “While Jarvis has read much of the internet, the way he is trained to write causes him to put more emphasis on creativity than factuality.”

The point is that Jarvis has been designed to focus on creativity first and I can imagine as time passes it will be able to generate more factually accurate content. So you will need to make sure that anything that Jarvis writes is factually correct. This is fair as you are ultimately responsible for any content you publish.

Having said that there are many things Jarvis can do that can help break writer’s block and help you create content that can be used as needed.

Templates for Writing

Jarvis has around 50 templates and growing that can help you get started with various writing projects. These templates make it as simple as adding a title, a description, and setting a tone of voice. The clearer your inputs the better Jarvis will understand the brief so take your time to clarify what you want written.

  • Long-form content for blog articles and other content.
  • Text summarizer – get a breakdown of the text you input.
  • Engaging questions – ideas for questions to ask your audience.
  • Press Release Title & Introduction – Write the opening paragraph of a press release that people will actually want to read.
  • Unique Value Proposition – Create a clear statement that describes the benefit of an offer in a unique way.
  • Personal Bios – Create an interesting personal bio that grabs attention.
  • Company Bios – Tell your company’s story in a captivating way.
  • YouTube Descriptions – Create descriptions for your Youtube videos that rank well in search engines.
  • Video Topic Ideas – Brainstorm ideas for your next video.
  • Google Ads Description – Create high converting copy for your Ad description.
  • And much more…

Boss Mode

If the templates are not enough for you then Boss Mode might be the choice for you! It allows you to interact directly with Jarvis but you can only enable Boss Mode on the top-tier package. What this does is allow you to type commands, or use voice commands to tell Jarvis what to do. Pretty insane, but true.

If you want more control over how Jarvis writes you definitely want to invest in this feature! You might even feel like Ironman, just saying…


Once you’ve signed up and had access to Jarvis, I’d highly recommend running through the Jarvis Bootcamp. The Bootcamp will explain concepts like how the AI learns language, writes, and how to get the results you want. I wouldn’t suggest diving headfirst into it as you might waste time and your allotted word count.

I think they’ve done a fantastic job in creating a fun format for learning about Jarvis. The training is short, to the point and the videos are done in a fun and entertaining way that I found helpful, informative, and easy to grasp. So invest the time, maybe 45minutes to an hour so you can get better results from the platform.


Artificial Intelligence is here and it’s making waves. Is it good enough to replace a writer altogether? No, not right now. It still requires you to input information and guides it. Is it worth considering as a writing aid? Definitely! It can help writers brainstorm, create written paragraphs, and help generate content when struggling to get the creative ball rolling!

If you write content regularly it might be a great tool to assist in the process. Jarvis offers a 5 day trial with 10 000 word count, so you can test it out for yourself.

Write on…

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