Why People Burn Out from Climbing the Corporate Ladder?

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Many people envy corporate life as the ultimate destination for success. The place where the money is. Where you climb the ladder of success to your dream position. Yes, that’s what many think about the corporate lifestyle, especially those that haven’t worked in such an environment before. Yes, the salary might be great. The perks may be exemplary. Maybe you even own all the things you ever wanted. But eventually, the corporate glitter and glamour may fade to grey as you find yourself trapped in the prison of your own making.

The corporate world offers many opportunities, but it has its disadvantages.

In fact, as I scouted forums and social media, I found some interesting posts from folks worn out, burnt out, and fed up with corporate life. I realized it’s not just me feeling this way. There are many people that feel the same way. And I don’t blame them. Because I’m there. It’s the reason I started Launch Digital Freedom in the first place. As a way to build a bridge forward and out from where I am to where I want to be.

After almost 2 decades of working in the corporate world in software development, I reached a point where I had just had enough. I was tired of the daily stress of wading through hours of peak hour traffic. Tired of sitting in my office working at my desk hours on end being dictated to by my company. And above all the escalating stress.

But what I really find interesting is what I found in my research, and I’m going to share what many people seem to be saying about how they feel about working in the corporate world.

Obviously, I won’t be mentioning people’s names, but rather I will be paraphrasing what they said.

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Time Spent Traveling

One of the biggest downsides of living in a city is traveling time. Depending on where you work, you may have to take the bus, subway, and travel for long periods of time. Not only can it be exhausting, but also add up to so much time lost. Often you have to leave early in the morning to make it on time to work. And then of course there is the journey back home again in the evening. Many people stated they hated leaving for work when it was dark and then arriving back home after the sun had set. Over months and years, this can take its toll on the most enthusiastic and committed individuals.

The Work Environment

One of the first posts I found was someone complaining that they felt like they couldn’t be themselves. Rather they had to put up a facade that felt unnatural and wore them down over time. People seemed to want to be in an environment that allowed them to feel natural and accepted. Someone who had been in the corporate world finally packed up to move to a smaller town and take a smaller job to live a more simple and easy-going lifestyle. Another said they gave up everything to take a job where they could walk to work. They felt happier to be in a more casual environment and have more time to follow their own interests.

Some people decided to leave their jobs to pursue their own businesses. They said they were prepared to take a salary cut, and even the security of a corporate job to do their own thing. They said they were bored and unfulfilled and felt like they needed a new challenge.

Many people seemed to mention they hated being micro-managed and told what they could and couldn’t do around every corner. Many said they felt they were trapped and were not able to express themselves in fear of reprimand. These are just random examples and may not reflect every corporate environment. I’m not saying the corporate world is all bad. I am saying over time it may feel like it’s not for you, and you may feel like you want a change.

The Stress Factor

One of the reasons many people stated as a reason they wanted to leave their corporate job was because of the escalating pressure. Many felt they were constantly under pressure to finish work projects and often worked on weekends. Sure we all know you need to work hard to get anywhere in life, but it has to be sustainable. There is just more to life than staring at your computer screen, having endless meetings, and phone calls, and stressing about work.

Not only is it unhealthy, but it’s just not enjoyable or sustainable long-term. Many people just start feeling unfulfilled with dedicating so much of their life to an organization where their very position isn’t even guaranteed. In fact, since the pandemic, many people have found out firsthand that there are no guarantees you won’t lose your job.

Lost Time with Loved Ones

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Probably the most important reason many felt they’d rather leave the corporate world for a simpler life was to spend more time with their spouse and children. Many felt that they were frustrated that they had to spend so much time at work. Some said they were prepared to simplify their lives and earn less to be with their loved ones. One person stated that if they were on their death beds, they didn’t want to look back and think they worked themselves to the bone for a company. And failed to spend time with their family doing what mattered.

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A Way Forward

So what can you do to get out of the corporate world if you’ve had enough of it?

Start looking for opportunities that could help you start a side project you could possibly launch into a full-scale opportunity.

Take the time to start planning your exit, you don’t want to leave your job without at least a plan in place. Best to start creating the momentum now. Once you have enough in place then take the step to your own happiness!

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