Is Thrive Themes Suite the Best Website Builder?

Thrive Themes Suite is Your All-in-One Toolbox. Create a WordPress Website That Converts Visitors into Leads and Customers. But is Thrive Themes Suite really the best tool out there? Hard to answer as there are many tools available to WordPress, but it’s the one I choose to build client sites, funnels, and much much more.

I will dissect each of the different tools out there starting with the Web Builder

Thrive Themes Websites

With WordPress and building your site, there are a couple of routes you can take.

Free Route

Get your site hosted (Bluehost offers affordable and fast hosting for your WordPress Site), find a free theme that you like, find a whole lot of plugins that work together to give you what you need. The risk of doing it this way is that you have no customer support and limited functionality. It will be hard to customize the site (Unless you are a good PHP developer)

Buy a Theme Route

Find a theme that you like, and you have to pay for it. Buy a number of plugins that offer you premium features and 3rd party tools to build your email list. The costs can rack up as you continue to add functionality

Thrive Themes Suite Route

All in one tool. Thrive Themes Suite allows you to build quality websites with tons of functionality that you can drag and drop as you need. It’s conversion-focused and allows you to focus on your core business

Thrive caters to all your needs. Easy to brand for your business, with many design choices. There’s no other platform in the WordPress world that gives you the design freedom of Thrive Suite. You can build e-commerce sites for physical and digital products. With deep WooCommerce integration and access to 9 tools built by marketers to build conversion-focused websites, building sites that convert is easy.

Create Landing Pages and Funnels

Now you get to create the money-making machine. Your conversion-focused Landing page and funnel. Thrive Architect provides you with 290+ landing page templates. They all focus on specific needs you might have. One will be geared to lead generation, another to webinars, and even one focusing on getting you coaching clients. If there is a need out there, there is probably a funnel for you. And if you don’t like any, customize and create your own.

For a more complete look at digital marketing, visit this blog to see the 8 components of digital marketing.

Build an Email List

Building your email list is probably the most important feature of any online business. You need to build your list so you can give great offers to more and more people. With Thrive you can simply pull in opt-in pages and customize them quickly to your needs. There is also an option to create A/B testing to find out which designs work better.

There are 20+ API connections to popular marketing tools including Aweber, one email autoresponder software.

If you want to learn more about email marketing, have a look at this blog on how to get started. An Introduction to Email Marketing

Create Quizzes

Thrive Quiz Builder helps you create professional-looking questionnaires that help you find out more about your audience. Find out what your customers want, and create it for them!

Create and Sell Online Courses

When you need to take your business to the next level and start to teach what you know, Thrive has you covered. Free and Paid courses allow you to build trust in your network.

Thrive takes away

  • Expensive 3rd Party Course Software
  • Complicated Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Lack of control over how you display your course material

Thrive Suite and Thrive Themes Apprentice give you all the control you need.

Thrive Themes Cost

As you can see, Thrive Themes Suite has a LOT to offer. So what are the costs involved? And do the costs outweigh the benefits.

You have to decide that yourself. But from where I am standing, Thrive Themes Suite is the perfect investment if you want conversion-focused sites.

The Packages

It’s a rather low cost of $19 a month, which is nothing if you need quickly create pages, quizzes, and offers. You can also buy different components separately.


This will give you access to everything immediately. No need to keep purchasing as you need. And you always get the latest updates.

The is a huge cost benefit if you do eventually use most of the cool tools.

Individual Plan

If you are sure you are only going to use 1 or 2 features, then buy them individually.


Thrive will give you a neat, easy way to help convert those leads into customers.

As you start to use Thrive Themes Suite, you will continue to find new things you didn’t know existed.

And that keeps your business growing.

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8 Components of Digital Marketing (In the Affiliate Space)

My journey into online business has brought me to the conclusion that there are many components of digital marketing that need attention when it comes to online business. Some areas need work at the beginning, some of them need work consistently, and others can come later. Each aspect can require specialised sets of skills. Even if you must do all of them at the beginning, which is a good thing, you will be better placed in outsourcing them one at a time as you start to earn money. (Re-invest into your business)

You don’t need all areas running at once, but you do need to get started. I’ll order them in the way I think is best to get started.

So, let’s get into the areas.

Product, image, brand, and primary message.

If you need to define your vision and values it can help to utilise a professional. A virtual meeting can go a long way. Try Tricia Jones, she helped me really become clear about what I wanted from my business. I’ll touch more on creating your vision and values in a future post.

The following components house your values, vision, and mission.

Sales Funnel

A Sales Funnel is essentially a page on the internet that has some marketing of your products or services. Its primary function is to get the user to perform an action. Normally it’s to get a name and email address.

To get someone to enter a name and email, you often need to entice them to do so. Perhaps offering them access to a free webinar or a free PDF that has extreme value to that person. Getting the name and email is key to your online business. This person might not buy today, but because you have their email, you can provide them with value and offers until such time as the person decides to buy or unsubscribe.

Email Marketing

We have an email address now (Hopefully many!)

The cool thing about online business is you can automate your email. Write once and send it to your subscribers as they join up. Over time, your email sequence can grow. If you write 1 email a week for 1 year, you have a decent sequence. (You can go back and modify when needed)

You can also send them broadcast messages too from time to time. These can be used to push special offers or updates to your subscribers.

A great product I use is Aweber. They make it easy to create, publish and monitor.


If you can push traffic to your funnel, and implement the email marketing aspect, you are essentially in business. You can market and try to make sales.

But supplementing the funnel with context builds trust in your target audience. This is done with a website the houses your Vision, Mission and Values. It provides valuable content to show that there is a real person (or business) behind the scenes.

Another key aspect of the site is a contact page. You need to be contactable and converse with your potential buyers. The more you engage with your audience and show a willingness to assist, the more trust you build. And in the end, all business is done on trust. (Launch Digital Freedom Privacy Policy)

Aspects that drive traffic

What drives an audience to your funnel, website, and email list? There are a few ways you can target your audience. Some of them cost money, the others will cost you time (consistent time)


In short, it is the skill of structuring your website, content and building authority for your website. It includes both content related techniques and technical aspects that can enhance the content of your website for search engines and help you rank higher.

It includes your keyword research. The words your audience will be looking for in the search engine. For example, if you are selling Canon Cameras online your audience might search:

  • High-Quality Cameras
  • Canon camera for a far distance shot
  • What camera should I use?

Your site and content will need to target these keywords and phrases. With time, consistency and quality content, your site will show up in search engines higher up and more often.

SEO also includes making sure you link to internal and external sites for reference. If you want to know more about search engine optimisation, visit this post, How to get Started with Search Engine Optimization?


On the side of not spending money, you would have to create quality content over time. Consistency is key. The more you produce, the more quality you have, time will bring you internet traffic.

Types of content online include

  • Blogs
  • Listicles
  • Ebooks
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Guides
  • Case studies and many more.

Begin with one and stick with it for 3 – 5 years. Become an expert.

The content shows search engines that you are committed to producing value, and your reward will be traffic. This together with your keyword strategy is key to your online success without spending money.

Learn how to Promote Affiliate Links On Your Blog

Social Media

With your Sales Funnel, Email marketing, and content in place, we can find other ways to bring traffic to your products. Once again, there are a whole lot of options available. Don’t try and market on all of these at once. Rather, find out where your audience hangs out and target them.

In my SFM business, my audience is full-time employees that know there is a better way to make a living. And so, LinkedIn provides the best opportunity for me to find my audience. Do a little research on how to use your social media platform effectively and be consistent.

Find out which platforms you might be able to find your customers. 8 Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Business

Find out more about: The Best Ways to Learn Digital Marketing Online?

Online Ads

If you have the cash flow to run ads, it’s the perfect way to bring a targeted audience to your sales funnel. Most of these platforms allow you to pick specific details of your audience. Age, job title, interests and much more.

It helps to be very specific in your audience and speak directly to that person (Your avatar). If your Ad images and content appeal to your target, it will interest them, and they will click your ad. It will take them to your sales funnel, and you can get their email.

Once you have a list of emails, you can nurture that list over time and generate commissions.


An overriding aspect of digital marketing is measuring what you are doing. If you can measure it, you can adjust what’s not working. Most of the components mentioned above have metrics that you can measure over time.

For example, your email marketing lets you know how many emails were opened, how many people clicked your link and even if emails were not delivered. When you run ads on LinkedIn and Facebook, it measures the success of your ad. In fact, the more successful your ad the cheaper the cost to you! They allow you to measure impressions, clicks and even the position of ads on platforms that were successful.

To Finish

As you can see, there is lots to consider in an online business, but you don’t have to have to all running in 1 day! Take your time to learn and implement each aspect one at a time. There is plenty of support on the internet on how to do everything, but don’t fall into the habit of overlearning. It’s something I still catch myself doing from time to time. The best way to learn is to do.

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My Successful Affiliate Marketing Journey So Far

It’s been 8 months since purchasing the monthly Six Figure Mentors All-In-One package. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? And is it worth the money? What do I get for my $100 per month?

First off, there were two options I had right at the beginning. Utilise paid ads to generate traffic and build an email list, or SEO and Content Strategy for organic growth to build an email list. Having no space in my finances to do paid ads, I chose the slower SEO and Content Strategy. This one is long term and allows Search Engines to recognise your site as an authority over time. Eventually, the web will be recommending your site and services more often on search engines.

1. What have I learned in my spare time over the last 8 months?

How to Build a WordPress Site

After following the step-by-step tutorials, I selected my domain name, published the default site, and customised it. I did what was suggested and got it up and running. When I needed help, the six-figure mentor’s community was there to assist. With a desire to learn it, anyone can do it.

How to create a Sales Funnel

Choosing to market the SFM system, I was able to leverage a done for you sales funnel. You can see the Sales Funnel here. All I had to do was link it to my WordPress site. Then make sure it was connected to my Email marketing account (Get Your AWeber account). If you want to market your own products, there is a section on how to build sales funnels from scratch. Stuart from the SFM says just do it! It doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to work.

How to plan your marketing

Then be consistent. So, I quickly moved onto marketing. The part I probably did and still do need to most help with. Learning from the tutorials, I was able to build up my customer avatar. Now I knew exactly who I was talking to. After some research into my customer avatar, I could identify with him and knew exactly where to find him. Turns out LinkedIn! Knowing what they want, I was able to start producing targeted content for my customer. It’s what I am doing each week so far this year. The more quality content you produce, the more search engines love you!

Find out more about: The Best Ways to Learn Digital Marketing Online?

Cost-value graph made with white chalk on a blackboard.

2. What does it cost me each month?

I did not have spare cash after my initial $100 investment each month. So, I had to do all the work myself. Some of my early blogs were about lessons I would need to learn along the way to free up time and money. Blogging was hard at first, and all over the place. But going through the process allowed me to learn blogging skills as well as time and money management skills to get this business going. Not to mention SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) needed to make sure my content is noticed by web crawlers.

Through applying the money management skills I had learned, I was able to free up cash and start to outsource. I have brought in an online SEO and content specialist to do my blogging and SEO now, but my budget doesn’t feel the impact! And my blogging is much better and more consistent because of it. It frees me up to focus on the social media and email marketing part of my business. Eventually, I will outsource that too.

I have also made extra income by building websites for friends and family businesses.

My Investment So far

Although I have invested $1145 for the first half of 2021, I have cleaned up my personal expenses and it now costs me less than $100 per month.

I have not made a sale yet, but the traffic in building to my site! My 11 subscribers make me confident it’s working. And I am proud of that.

The program so far has been amazing, and I keep learning each day. There are moments where I feel completely overwhelmed, but I just remember why I am doing it. To find my own path in life.

What I get for my $100?

  • Site Hosting
  • Free Tool to build Sales Funnels
  • Getting Started Modules
  • Weekly Training (Mindset, business etc)
  • LinkedIn Learning Free
  • A community of like-minded people happy to answer my questions
  • Access to Content Writers
  • And much, much more!

I will publish another blog at the end of the year to show my progress updates again, but for the time being, I need to…

Stop Doing

Overtraining, and underdoing. The more time I spend on consuming, the less time I work on producing. The name of this game is to produce content often, and of good quality. 80% of your time needs to be spent on the things that build your business. Only 20% needs to be spent on learning.

Keep Doing

Keep outsourcing. There are so many people who are better than me at each digital marketing discipline. Just leverage them. Keep doing the things that you are good at in the business and outsource the rest.

Start Doing

Focus on Email Marketing and Social Media consistency. Once you have some followers you need to keep giving them value and offering worthwhile products and services. They want to know you are there. I am also going to utilise Social Media more effectively in the next half of the year.

Also, write more content. I will start to produce more content to complement what we already produce.

So was it, and is it all worth it?

You can probably find all this information to start an online business free on the web.

But, the bottom line is it helps to learn from the ones who have succeeded. And to be a part of a great community of people to share your successes and to help you through the tougher time. Definitely, the best investment I have made in years.

Find out more about: The Best Ways to Learn Digital Marketing Online?

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