How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Business?

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In the old days, well, pre-internet age at least, the world was a different place. Going to the shop meant you would visit a local store and buy what you needed. Today you have the internet, and that has lead to a radical change in how you search, find, visit and finally purchase goods and services. You now build virtual businesses on a domain, which is a digital place where you place your website and this allows anyone from anywhere to immediately find your business!

What is a domain?

A domain is what you type into your web browser to go to a website. The full domain name of this website is:

You also have what is called your TLD (or Top-Level-Domain) which is the last part of the domain, in our case:


There are many TLD names you could use for your domain, for example, if you operated a business in South Africa, your TLD could be :

The [co] stands for commerce.

And [za] stands for South Africa.

There are more and more Top-Level-Domain names being added, here are some that you might or might not have seen:

  • .art
  • .law
  • .biz
  • .info
  • .app
  • .dev
  • .coffee
  • and many more.

How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Business?

If you are starting an online business or even looking for a domain to setup a website for your local business, it is well worth having a look for available domain names with different TLDs.

This might help you stand out and if you select a clever domain name it could also become a great way to market your business as it is easy to remember or even just quirky, to grab people’s attention.

Another important consideration is using keywords that hold high ranking value in your domain name. This could offer your business an advantage over other domains if your website has good design and you apply proper Search Engine Optimization tactics to your content.

It’s a good idea to spend time thinking about how best to structure your domain name, and what other companies are using the same name on different TLDs. This will give you an idea of who your possible competition is if those businesses happen to sell the same products and services that you.

Where Do You Register A Domain?

Okay, so you ready to start doing your research and find the right domain for your business, where do you go?

Well, most internet service providers offer domain registrations and hosting, and its as simple as going to their website, and going to their domain or hosting pages and searching up domain names you have decided on.

They will be able to tell you straight away whether or not a domain is available. You will be able to immediately claim the relevant domain, but I suggest you don’t postpone purchasing it for too long, as domain names are in high demand. They are being registered all the time, the longer you wait the more chance you might just lose out on the opportunity to register the name you want.


Once you’ve registered your domain name you are ready to start planning your website and building the digital building that will house your content about your products and services. So don’t hesitate and register that domain you’ve been wanting to buy and start working on your new online business!

Are you ready to Launch into CyberSpace?

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